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Omnia's corporate font is Nudista. All our Latin script communications use the Nudista family, except for any html or PC documents.

Why Nudista, you ask? Well, it was chosen for its classic appeal together with a stylishly modern sensibility. It is an intelligently crafted, simplistic face that helps us express who we are through type. And let's face it, Nudista is awfully pretty too.


Designed to bridge the gap between the aesthetics of Latin and Arabic typefaces, Tanseek is the perfect complementary Arabic typeface to its Latin counterpart Nudista. Artistic, attractive, articulate.

  • Designers: Arlette Boutros, Mourad Boutros, Richard Dawson and Dave Farey
  • Publisher: Linotype
Type Style

Type Style

The Omnia typestyle is set to a mixture of stringent hierarchy with relaxed flexibility. The approach is quite logical; if it needs to stand out then make it so through capped light type as opposed to heavy bold lowercase. Sub-heads can be set in medium, semi bold or bold depending on the level of standout required.

As for body copy, well-set in either 8 or 9 point Nudista Light should pretty much cover all the bases.

Subtlety is key when it comes to our typography - so no brash moves and you should be fine. In any case, you can just download our templates where all the styles have been set for you. Wasn't that nice of us?!

Multimedia Typeface: Arial

Multimedia Typeface: Arial

Online media is always a tricky arena. With so many different kinds of online users across varied internet platforms, it seems logical to use a face that stays consistent in every scenario. Arial it is then.

Office Applications Typeface

Office Applications

Again - for ease of use - Arial is used in all of Omnia's internal office communications. No point complicating things!