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Literature Style

The Manifesto

The Omnia Manifesto is a feisty, free-spirited guide to the way each member of the family ought to think, speak and behave. It pulls no punches, takes no prisoners. A far cry from staid and stiff corporate tomes, this Manifesto is a motivational rebel yell to 'get up and get at 'em!'

We are an agency specialising in branding, creative and interactive that is intelligent, inspired and inspirational. We love what we do and that translates to work filled with passion. The Manifesto is a reflection of this very passion.

It urges us to eliminate the unnecessary and punch out the pretentious. We're about Simple Logic. We're of the thinking that great work leads to great things. We are the Omnia Family. And our Manifesto helps pull us together in one awesome direction with gusto.

The Sketchbook

For the Creative Studio, the Omnia Sketchbook represents a friend, philosopher, guide… and confidante.

It is no ordinary sketchbook, not by a long shot. It is a call to arms. A stirring drumbeat for the creative clan to break the shackles of convention and fulfil each of their destinies as creative rockstars. Featuring wild words of wisdom, it shakes the reader into dreaming, doing, screaming… believing!

While Omnia is a carefully considered creature of wealth and taste from the outside, there's a kaleidoscope of talents, emotions, cultures and personalities on the inside. And this Sketchbook is the space in which Omnians can let those eclectic characteristics fly wild.

As a vivid, imaginatively designed and written tome, the Sketchbook is a bespoke showpiece of the creative studio's talents and flights of fancy… eclectic, collaborative, provocative.

Anyone receiving a copy is almost impelled to scribble their thoughts, take down briefs, urgently write down that next life-changing idea… it begs to be taken along to business meetings and to that coffee-shop around the corner. The world's an open canvas. The Sketchbook yells - "Create!"

The Notebook

For Omnia's Client Services team, the Notebook serves as a helpful, gentle reminder of who we are and what we're all about.

Simply, intelligently designed, it touches upon our beliefs, values and core essence in direct, unpretentious fashion. Rather handily, it also explains the Branding, Creative and Interactive functions of the agency in a nutshell - to be used as a mantra when explaining what it is we exactly bring to the table to prospective clients.

In keeping with the ethos behind the Manifesto and Sketchbook, this Notebook is a breath of fresh air and a different proposition from staid, by-the-numbers agency books. Why bother doing something if you can't do it well - and with that certain little twist?