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Proportioning the Colours

Proportioning the Colours

Omnia's aesthetic identity is guided through a primary and secondary palette consisting of carefully chosen colours.


Calm, subtle and unobtrusive. Used in all our major communications, the Primary Palette mirrors the brand language and reflects Omnia's inherent personality as a gentle creature of elegance and taste.

This palette plays around with textures and forms subtle highlights out of a predominantly white visual landscape, alternatively forming the basis for intriguing white-out expressions.


When the nature of the internal communication demands a more experimental, conceptual, crazy slant on things - the Secondary Palette springs quite helpfully to the rescue.

Primary Brand Colours


Cool greys and metallic blue hues form the base for the Primary Palette. The visual alongside shows the colours through their pantone reference, 4 colour and RGB break down - so there can be absolutely no excuse for messing the colours up!

Secondary Brand Colours

Secondary Brand Colours

Contrasts of acidic and deep tone hues set the approach for the stylish Secondary Palette. Again, the visual reference shows the colours through their pantone reference, 4 colour and RGB break down.


We like all our print to be beautiful and simplistic. We also like to take it easy on the environment as much as possible - so less ink the better is our philosophy. Being of an artistic soul, we prefer to emboss our marque across all our stationery and literature.

Obviously we still need to print certain aspects of the work, so we simply use Pantone 429 c as a single colour plate for address details on our stationery and in editorial pages in certain literature items.

The materials used are also intrinsic to our brand aesthetic so we choose our surfaces very carefully. The Omnia stock of choice is Classic Crest Avalanche by Neenah Paper, a pristine white uncoated stock that adds a wonderful tactile dimension to our print work. Classic Crest Avalanche is 30% recycled through post consumer fibre and naturally FSC certified.

Brand Colours for Painting

Brand Colours for Painting

Nothing brash and crying out for attention, thank you very much. We like our office spaces to be as consistently toned with the rest of our brand as possible.

So retaining that minimal aesthetic, the Omnia environment colours are simply white emulsion highlighted with a special grey mix which is then matched to our primary pantone colour
(Pantone 429 c).