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Calm, confident and direct...

Taking its cue from Simple Logic and stripping things down to their core, the Omnia Brand Voice is calm, confident and direct.

No boasts, no fancy claims. No promises we can't keep. In an industry renowned for hyperbole and pretentiousness, Omnia looks to make its mark by letting our work do all the fancy talking.

Think rugged cowboy on the ranch rather than dolled-up art critic. But this directness shouldn't be mistaken for a lack of finesse. We carry ourselves with grace and professionalism at all times. Complemented by a healthy dose of goofiness and unexpectedness, of course.

Even in a cutthroat, dog-eat-dog world, we don't need to bark to get our point across. It's a comforting, conversational tone of voice that invites people in, makes them feel at ease… and let's them know they're in capable hands.